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Do I Need a Roof Assessment?

There are several reasons you should take advantage of our free roof assessment service. If any of these apply to you, give M.W. Roofing a call and have one of our professional roofers inspect your roof at no cost to you: 

  • Water in your home where it should not be in the form of leaks or stains
  • Your home has been through a major storm
  • Purchasing a home
  • Renewing your home insurance
  • Changing your home insurance carrier

Leaks or Stains

Roof leaks aren’t usually as noticeable in homes as you may think. It’s much more likely that you’ll start to see black stains slowly spreading over the ceiling or walls rather than running about your house filling buckets of water gushing from the ceiling. It’s possible that you have an active roof leak if you notice stains on your ceiling, especially if they are on the top floor. If you notice this in your home, give us a call right away.

Purchasing a new home

If you’ve ever purchased a home, you are aware of how stressful the appraisal and inspection procedures may be. While a house inspection is crucial, it is best to get professional advice if there are serious problems with any of the property’s systems, especially the roof. This can make a difference in whether you choose to continue to purchase or step out of your contract. 

Renewing Your Home Insurance Policy or Changing Your Insurance Carrier

Most likely, the insurance company will ask for a roof check if you renew your homeowner’s insurance policy or switch insurance providers. The insurance company will want an accurate, up-to-date assessment of your home’s condition since it will determine how much your premium will be based on its worth and the possibility that you will submit a claim.

The roof is a costly component to replace, but it is essential to maintaining the condition of the rest of the house. Additionally, the bulk of house insurance claims originate from roofs. Your house insurance premium will probably be greater than you had anticipated if your roof requires repair or replacement. 

Your Home Has Been Through a Major Storm

After a significant storm, it’s a good idea to get your roof evaluated even if you didn’t lose any trees or have any visible damage. Roof degradation might have small symptoms, and these signs are frequently hidden from view from the ground. Let our professionals inspect your roof for damage; we have the tools, training, and understanding to do it properly. 

The Roof Inspection Process


The Inspection

Your roof should be inspected from the inside as well as the outside. We begin by inspecting the ceilings within the home for indications of leaks and water damage. Next, we examine the eaves and roof overhangs for indications of things like termite infestation and wood rot as we go around the property’s perimeter.

Once we get to the outside of the roof, we will look for the following:

  • Debris and vegetation on the roof
  • Broken shingles or broken tiles
  • Rust and further degradation indicators on roof flashing
  • Blocked valleys in the roof
  • Blocked or damaged gutters
  • Cracks or deterioration in pipes, attic vents and fans, plumbing vents, etc.

We will also search for raised overlaps and delaminating roof material if your house has a flat roof, as these are signs of impending roof leaks.

Obtaining a written report of the inspection is crucial, even if roof repair is not required. This information is necessary by your home insurance provider, and it’s wise to have it on file in case you decide to list your property for sale in the future.

Here are Some Important Roof Maintenance Tips:

Keeping up on roof maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs and replacements. 

Keep debris off of your roof. With a leaf blower, you might be able to clear some leaves and tiny sticks from the roof, but more effort will be required to remove heavier material, such as tree limbs or heavy branches. Contact our professionals to clean your roof and gutter properly and safely. 

Maintain your gutters. You shouldn’t attempt to clean gutters by yourself. Get your gutters cleaned and inspected twice a year by a professional. We recommend once in the late fall or early winter and again in the late spring or early summer.

Allow one of our experts to inspect your roof at least once every five years. This helps prevent future problems and keeps the costs of repairs to a minimum. 

Common Problems Found During Roof Inspections

An active roof leak is the most frequent issue discovered during a roof inspection. Nail pops, or places where the nail anchoring the shingle to the roof decking has backed out, are a common issue on shingle roofs. Water might enter the hole left by the nail backing out as well. 

In addition to active leaks and issues with the roofing material, it is common to find gutters and roofs clogged with leaves, tree limbs, and other debris. Debris buildup makes it more difficult for water to properly drain off the roof, and if water remains in places it shouldn’t, there’s a greater chance of leaks and shingle damage.

Call M.W. Roofing today to schedule a free roof assessment. Our services are reliable, thorough, and on schedule. 

MW Roofing Contractor Utah
MW Roofing Contractor Utah

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