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The Roof Repair Process 

At M.W. Roofing, we understand the repair or replacement process for your roof can seem overwhelming. As experts, we make this experience as stress free as possible for you. From filing permits with the city to helping you prep your property, we have you covered from start to finish. 

Step One: Removing the old roof

All of your old roofing materials will be removed first by the roofing crew. This will cause a mess, but our crew always cleans up thoroughly afterward. 

Step Two: The Roof inspection

We will thoroughly inspect the state of the flashing and roof deck (sheathing) after removing the outdated materials. Prior to installing the new materials, it is crucial to ensure that the roof deck, which serves as the base of the roof, is free of damage. Depending on their existing state, flashing around vents, chimneys, and roof valleys may need to be changed in order to stop water seepage before repairing the damage. 

Step Three: Underlayment installation

We will then roll down the underlayment throughout the roof deck after replacing the metal drip edge on the deck. There are several choices for underlayment, such as an ice and water barrier that is applied to the deck’s eaves and valley. The remaining deck areas will be covered with synthetic underlayment. We will go over these choices with you so you know what is best for your repairs. 

Step Four: Installing the Shingles

Along the bottom and side corners of the roof deck, our crew will lay starter shingles to begin the shingle installation procedure. After that, staggered rows of asphalt shingles are installed and fastened with roofing nails. Hip and ridge shingles are applied to the roof’s hips and ridge as a last detail.

Step Five Installing or Replacing Vents

During the process, we can also replace or add to any existing ridge vents and/or static vents, depending on the ventilation needs specific to your roof.

We Encourage Communication with your Contractor:

Feel free to stay outside and observe the installation and ask any questions that may come to mind. A supervisor will oversee the repairs or full replacement throughout the project. We want you to know exactly what is taking place on your property. 

How To Prepare Your Home For A Roof Replacement

Your home’s curb appeal and overall value increase when you invest high-quality roof repairs and installation. There are a few things you can do to be ready for a roof repair or replacement once you’ve scheduled with our M.W. Roofing professionals. Here, we provide simple instructions to ensure a trouble-free roof installation.

  1. Move Your Vehicles Away From Your House

When the roofers come, make sure you park your cars on the street or in the garage if you normally park them in the driveway. This eliminates the chance of anything falling onto your vehicles and allows our crew to walk around the property freely.  

  1. Secure the Inside of Your Home

This is something homeowners usually do not realize since the work is done on the outside of the home. However, the vibrations from their labor may cause priceless wall decorations like framed pictures, mirrors, and other wall hangings that are susceptible to coming loose from their hooks and nails to be damaged. Before your roof replacement project begins, make arrangements to safeguard any priceless or delicate things by taking them down and putting them in a secure location.

  1. Consider Who Will Be Home 

Small children and pets may be bothered by the loudness of roof replacement. It can be annoying to hear footsteps on the roof, continuous hammering, and other noises. There will also be debris around your property while work is being done. Planning ahead for small children and pets is always a good idea. You may want to take them out of the house or make sure they do not leave the home before our workers have a chance to clear any materials and debris out of the way. Please let us know what we can do to make this process and easy as possible for you. 

  1. Remember to Protect Your Patio Furniture And Yard

To prevent damage to any of your possessions while having your roof repaired or replaced, relocate everything in your backyard to the rear of the space or into the garage. If there are items you will need help with, let us know so we can safely move them out of the way for you. These items usually include things like: Your kids’ toys, patio furniture, potted plants, your smoker or barbeque, and lawn ornaments or hung decorations. 

  1. Clear Your Roof 

Before rebuilding your roof, you might want to think about having the branches of any large trees that overhang your roof clipped by a professional. Your whole roof should be accessible to roofers without any hazards. To make it simpler for our roofers to properly remove debris from your home when they are finished, you can also think about trimming big bushes and cutting the lawn. For most clients, there is very little that needs to be done before we can begin work. If there are any issues that play a role in safety, we will discuss them with you beforehand. 

  1. Protect Items In Your Attic

In order to shield your possessions from dust, debris, and vibrations during roof repair, cover any items you may be storing in your attic. 

  1. Contact Your Provider If You Have a Satellite Dish

Inform your satellite dish provider of your roof repair or replacement. Depending on the project, we may have to take down the dish temporarily. 

  1. Familiarize Yourself With Power Sources

Power is required for our roofers to use tools like saws to cut flashing. We also utilize power equipment like nail guns, requiring extension cables on the roof. If your home does not have exterior outlets, we will need to attach extension cords from inside your house. This is something we will go over with you before the project begins, so you will know what kind of access we require. Although it is not required, you may also consider letting your neighbors know you have a roofing project scheduled. 

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MW Roofing Contractor Utah
MW Roofing Contractor Utah

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